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Working with you all made it easier for me to write and talk about myself, because you were able to see me from a different set of eyes and ears so you helped me identify strengths or skills that I may not have realized I had, or looked at some of my qualities differently than I did.
— Halle Snavely, One Ingredient
I enjoyed the call (and also dreaded it a little), because it made me deal with a lot of self-awareness. It was nice to have someone tell me the TRUTH instead of what I want to hear. I haven’t experienced this type of honesty from friends and family.
— Lizzie Schlafer, Business Coaching
Indie Foundry proved invaluable in helping us, three partners in different parts of the globe, cohesively build and convey our product messaging. Their Brand Blueprint program enabled us to define our aesthetic and hold ourselves accountable to guiding principles as we made rapid-fire decisions on how to grow our business. They continue to be a sounding board for us and always ensure we stay true to our brand message through seasonal campaigns. It’s rare to find a company that cares so deeply about their clients that are also a blast to work with. Clubhouse days are amongst my favorite, and I can honestly say that Indie Foundry gave us the perspective and confidence to push our business forward in ways we only dreamed possible.
— Brooke Kelsey, founding partner of Kukuli Market

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