Katie + Sam: A match made in Cleveland

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finding models for our photo shoots is always one of our favorite to-dos. It has brought us to so many amazing people—people with great style of their own who also tend to be down for just about anything. Our supa fresh photo shoot bride Katie (and her very, very handsome hippie of a future husband—her words, not ours) was no exception. After all the fun we had shooting with her, we just had to know more. She’s a badass beauty and we’d put money on her wedding being a total blast.

In case you can’t tell by their blinding beauty, all these photos are, of course, the work of Suzuran Photography.   Special thanks to ting invitations, The Urban Orchid, With Love & Whimsy, Borrow Rentals, Hummingbird Bake Shop, Miranda’s Vintage Bridal and Great Lake Outfitters for their gorgeous additions to our shoot.  Styling by Jackie Ann.

Which one of your dresses that you got to model for our supa fresh photo shoot felt most like you?
The light blue lace dress; it was strapless with a lovely full skirt perfect for twirling.* (supa fresh note* All wedding dresses will be available at supa fresh from the lovely Miranda’s Vintage Bridal)

How would you describe your personal style?
punk rock thrift store chic

What about your groom, Sam, what’s his style?
With his longish hair and tie dyes he often looks like a hippie, a very, very handsome hippie.

A lot of brides will tell you how they want their wedding to look, but how do you want your wedding to feel?
Relaxed, comfortable and intimate. I want to be able to spend time talking to and enjoying each person who attends, because they are all so important to me. We’re not very formal
people, I want people to come by, see us say I do, then crack a beer and have some BBQ.

Tell us about your history with Cleveland? Are you a lifer? An import? Finally back home after years of wandering and exploring?
Oh gosh, I could go on and on and on, but I’ll keep it short. I was raised in Cleveland and moved away—like so many—when I was barely 20. I spent eight years going to school, traveling and trying figure out what mattered to me and where I wanted to be. Eventually I ended up married, with a great house and a wonderful job in the deep south. But I was miserable. I wanted so badly to be back in Cleveland, but my now ex-husband had vowed to never live in Cleveland and hated the city with a passion. So, we split. The divorce left me nearly broke, but, I packed up my car and my dog and took off for CLE, with no job, no family and no place to live. All I had was my faith in Cleveland and a deep desire to see the city I love thrive. Six years later I’ve never been happier.

And Sam, what’s his Cleveland story?
Born and raised on the east side, he absolutely loves it here. He didn’t have to move away to appreciate the city, like I did.

What role, if any, has the city played in your relationship?
It’s THE reason we met. Sam’s tattoos are very, very similar to mine, I noticed them immediately and was surprised that this guy I had never seen before had tattoos that were nearly identical to mine. We both have a composition of the Terminal Tower, Free Stamp and Guardians of Transportation tattooed on our left arms and “Forest City” on our hands. And, although we had lived two blocks away from each other for almost three years and frequented the same bar, had never met. I firmly believe that Cleveland brought us together. As I said, when I came back to the city I made the decision to put my faith in Cleveland, trusting that the city was guiding me, and she guided me right to Sam.

Tell us a little bit about the very Cleveland birthday party you threw recently for your daughter?
For my daughter’s first birthday was in December I threw a party celebrating her—obviously—and other famous firsts in Ohio and Cleveland. The food and decorations, were red, yellow and green, because Cleveland was home to the nation’s first traffic light and party guests made—and raced—paper airplanes because Ohio was first in flight. It was a blast!

If there were no restrictions, financial or otherwise, what kind of wedding would you have? 
Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to get married on top of Terminal Tower and have a reception in a giant tent on Public Square. All of Cleveland’s awesome food trucks would cater, guests could sample something from each, while enjoying the music of the Chagrin Polka Band and Seafair.

What elements of your wedding are most important to you? 
Small, personal touches, things that convey the style of the bride and groom, what’s important to them and who they are as a couple, are my favorite things about weddings. I love homemade and DIY elements, vintage sheets as table cloths, painted signs and paper lanterns.

Where have you been looking for wedding inspiration?
Well, of course, I love Pinterest, but I’m also inspired by by the design work I do as part of my day job. I love pairing fonts and creating fun color palettes. I also love to think about ways to incorporate things that I buy or find at thrift and craft stores into the wedding. And, I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs I read and the many, many very creative Clevelanders I follow on instagram.

Who makes up your wedding planning team?
I can’t do anything in life—much less for my wedding—without Gina and Genna. My friend Anna has incredible style that I find so inspiring, and I am amazed at how Stephanie makes it seem like pulling together huge events is absolutely effortless. They are my dream team.

What has been your favorite part of being a bride and planning your wedding?
Knowing that I get to spend forever with Sam. The first time I got married it was all about the wedding, this time, it’s all about the marriage.

Your least favorite?
Trying to find the right space. I’d love to have it outside in my backyard, but it might rain or snow or be sweltering—regardless of the month—so that’s too risky for me. And, I tend to forget logistics, like can 75 people actually fit in my backyard. What will 75 people do to my plumbing. Where would everyone park?

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Katie and Sam!  If you haven’t yet nabbed your tickets yet, head on over HERE!


  • Katie

    What a cute couple!! And I really wish my 2-year-old knew her one-year-old so we could’ve been invited to that Cleveland themed first birthday party!!

    • Sarah Wilt

      It really says something when you’re looking to your kids to get you into the best parties, right? 😉

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