How I made friends with Planning.

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So, this one time I was hanging out with my friends Inspiration and Excitement and I was telling them about all of my grand plans. They LOVE hearing about this stuff. In fact, they're both crucial to my ability to crush goals but every once in a while, they can be a little distracting. See, I love these two so much that sometimes I'll just hang with them all day and forget to bring in my other friend, Planning. Planning used to totally be a buzzkill to me. I don't know why I let myself have this reaction to the lovely Planning, but I think this is why.

See, Planning is from another country. And when they'd come around, I had trouble understanding what they were saying, so I got all overwhelmed and would just tell Planning I had to go. Then I'd immediately call Inspiration and Excitement and they'd reassure me that it was ok to just hang with them. But they did sometimes encourage me to get to know Planning more, that once you got to know them, they were a powerful force.

I wasn't buying it. One time, I'd tried to be friends with Planning and I tried speaking their language and I failed miserably. I just didn't think I'd ever learn. It was so scary to be that vulnerable in front of Planning. Nothing got done, and I just felt stupid making all these mistakes that I knew were second nature to P. 

After taking a long hiatus, I ran into Planning at Whole Foods. And they were with their new friend Asana. I was with Inspiration and Excitement (of course) and we all just hit it off. We even ended up staying for a glass of wine after all the shopping and we had such a fun time. Asana had this way of really bringing us all together. With their structure, intuitive interface, encouragement (when you check tasks off of your to-do list, Asana sends you a virtual hi-five rainbow unicorn!) and clean layout, it really allowed me to learn to love Planning more. 

I still have a hard time understanding Planning– mostly because I'm still working on accepting the fact that both Asana and Planning are my friends. They don't judge me. But, obviously, I judge myself. But it's almost laughable, because both Planning and Asana don't have the ability to judge me. They're both just there to knit us all together– Excitement, Inspiration and Me. With this group, I have the capacity to do so many amazing things and get so much more out of my day, week, month and year. 


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The Dream Truck


I find it easy to have dreams. But I find it hard to make those dreams a priority in a life filled with other people– boyfriends, parents, employees, friends. It's my own thing. And I get that. There seem to always be reasons that my dreams stay there in my head, carrots that keep me moving forward, but not in the way that they feel in my reach. In the way that I always smile softly when thinking of them, saying with quiet resignation in my head, "someday,". A sad, but sweet smile finding its way onto my face. 

But I decided to do some G-D self coaching on this situation and this is what I found out about myself:

  • I don't need other people's permission to have my own dreams and make them come true
  • Asking for permission only erodes my own confidence in my decisions 
  • My fear of deciding what I wanted, then the prospect of not getting it stopped me from planning anything. It scared me so much that I might not get a dream, that I refused to take it seriously enough to put a plan into action. (kinda crazy, no?!)
  • Making other people a part of my dreams gave them more legitimacy in my mind. Like I needed someone else to be on board to make it worth the effort of trying (and maybe failing)
  • I didn't think i was worthy of my own dreams. The old "It's for those people, not me," kinda thing. Total BS.
  • It's ok to bring other people along with my dreams, and in fact it can make them feel closer to me when I share them. But I also don't 'need' them to sign off on them.

Back to the truck. This is what I did to get this truck:

  • I decided that YES I wanted a cool-ass pickup truck for hauling around a sweet tiny office for Team Flea
  • I created a vision board and put it right in the center
  • I began talking to everyone about it
  • I did a bunch of research on trucks and how you find an old truck. I found out from people in the know what I should look out for and what size truck I'd need to do what I wanted for work
  • I gave myself a deadline to get this truck and then carved out time on my calendar to work on it weekly
  • When the situation presented itself to me, I freaked the F out
  • Then I said YES and nervously gathered the cash together for it
  • I got my accountant to let me know what the best route would be for paying for it and writing it off for taxes
  • I freaked out that it wasn't the right decision (a few times, actually)
  • Then I paid. For. My. Truck. In. Cold. Hard. Cash. And drove away with it. 

The thing I realized was that I made this dream truck such a big thing and most of what I felt on my way to achieving it was drama around my own thoughts of "Is this the right thing to do?" and "Do I really deserve this?". We can't fully predict the future, but part of how we get close is to have BIG dreams and make BIG plans. 

Here's to your dreams, friends!


Indie Client Victory: Kim Adams of Loose Leaf Creative

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You know we love celebrating our clients. And lately, our Business Coaching Clients have been really changing their lives. We'll be sharing their victories here, so you can keep up with them and be inspired to take charge in your own business and life. 

Business Owner: Kim Adams

Business: Loose Leaf Creative (formerly Kimprinted)

Where to find her: Instagram @looseleafcreative

What Victory are you celebrating?

"I changed my business name from kimprinted to Loose Leaf Creative."

Why was it a hard-won victory?
"I'd hit a point where the work I was doing wasn't aligning with the vision I have for my business. I was stuck in between wanting to build my brand and serve my ideal client and the "old me," who wasn't doing what she loved. In the midst of rebranding, I considered a brand new business name, but I was so afraid of change and making a seemingly big decision."

What did you learn after taking the leap?
"I learned that change can be a very good thing! I discovered the foundation I needed to build my dream brand, and since making the announcement, I've received SO much positive feedback and support. I learned that some of the best decisions are the ones made spontaneously." 

What advice would you give to Dreamer-Doers who might be scared to take a similar leap?
"Always go with your gut. If it's something you can't stop thinking about, then don't stop working for it. And don't let what others think (or what YOU think they might think) stand in your way of making moves." 

Do you have dream you're working toward? Would you like a Business BFF to help you with both strategy and encouragement? Well, I'm your girl. Business Coaching for Creatives is booking for October 1-October 31. 4 weekly calls with me, your personal Dream Coach, a lady who has launched 2 creative businesses and works with hundreds of them on the daily. I work with creatives like Kim to smash through the fears and thoughts that are holding them back and take action toward their dreamiest work and life. And I'm here to help you!  >>>>>>>>>> Make an appt to chat with me here <<<<<<<<<

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3 easy ways to get more time and energy.


I'm so excited for our very first in-person business camp! We booked our caterers (Cleveland Field Kitchen + Southern Sweets), have settled on our curriculum and are just working on closing down registration tomorrow! Which reminds me that you've got one day to sign up for Side Hustle Summer Camp.

Today, I'm sharing my own secret about how I doubled my time, energy and money with a simple shift– and how you can do it, too. This will be one of the exercises at Side Hustle Summer Camp, so if you're suffering from a lack of time and energy, this one is for you Lack of time is probably the biggest excuse my business coaching clients cite for not being able to to do what they want. And then we start working together and they realize that wasn't the reason at all. All of a sudden, they've got all the time in the world that they need to get to their goals. And their energy goes up drastically, too. I've seen it time and time again.

It's not TIME's fault. It's that we're not efficient because of the time we haven't committed and planned. And we lack energy because we aren't doing anything that excites us. So, most times we're just exhausted thinking about a goal that's not compelling enough to get us moving.

TIP #1: Deciding takes the drama away = more time, less exhaustion.
Making a decision to do something, or committing to it, takes all the drama out of the equation. You may *think* you've decided to do something, but I have a feeling you're going back and forth on it, even in your mind WHICH IS EXHAUSTING. So, if you're tired and you have a lack of time, the first thing you should do is COMMIT. Let your mind have a break from the constant 'what if's' and 'maybes' that plague those who are indulging in indecision.

TIP #2: Planning your schedule and sticking to it doubles down on commitment and gives you clarity.
Planning my schedule every Sunday has drastically improved my clarity and my ability to make money and get shit done. Also, I stick to my calendar. And if I want to distract myself, I notice and I just get right back on track. And now I'm truly benefiting from deciding ahead of time. It makes me much less exhausted and so much more efficient.

TIP #3: Make sure your goal is something that scares you.
Think you have a lack of energy? Well, staying in the unknown and never accessing EXHILARATION (the emotion you need to take a leap and do something that matters) will be exhausting. Let yourself be excited and scared at the same time. That's exhilaration. It's crucial to giving you the energy and clarity you need to move forward.

Want help with this? Request more info for Side Hustle Summer Camp (registration ends August 1st) or Business Coaching with me!